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"Weird... but actually it really works for me"

- Adam Thompson, Warwick Bandsoc

"Funny dude"

- Mike McLafferty, Stronghold Audio

Hi everyone. My name is Eli, I'm from Hertfordshire in the UK and I make experimental/emo/indie/pop music, which is another way of saying that I make songs that all sound different but they're all mostly sad.

It all started in 2012 when I went to a Tumblr meetup in central London armed only with a ukulele I bought a few weeks earlier and the chords to a few pop songs. I made more friends that day than I had ever made before. I kept coming back to meetups and people kept asking me to play. Soon enough, I was writing songs, finally using the poetry-writing skills I developed when I was 7. When I went off to university, I found the Band Society, where I met a lot of other musicians, formed some bands, bought a guitar, played some gigs and eventually reached the final of the Battle of the Bands competition, recording the lowest score ever achieved in a final.

In June 2019 I released my debut EP, Impulse Purchase, made up of 4 songs which I recorded in 2014-15. I'm tracking my progress through this confusing industry and writing/releasing strategies through a series of blogs and vlogs. I'm also hoping to play some more gigs literally anywhere.

I don't know what my long-term plans are but if I could make music into a career, play some more gigs and make some more friends, that would be cool. Also if I could get one of my songs onto the soundtrack of a FIFA game, that would be the best thing ever.

My record label, Tolerable Music & Robotics, also functions as my robot fighting team, where I build and fight antweight and (soon) beetleweight robots around the UK.

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