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Verse 1

Kicking back with you on a beach where there's no sun

You underestimate yourself, I don't do this for just anyone

Verbal tennis like we're courting, like I'm putting you on trial

We discovered that you make me smile

The evening wore on as we sat and sang and laughed

As the tides approached, for some reason we built and boarded rafts

But the currents pulled me off and I got taken out so far

Now I'm drifting somewhere, struggling to get back to where you are


And that could take some time

So for now I'm


Sending up a flare

Hoping someone finds me

Hoping someone's there

Though the chance is tiny,

I'm sending up a flare

Verse 2

I woke up in the sand on a far-off foreign shore

I saw a flare go up but never realised it was yours

I guess the currents had their plans for me, I guess we must be cursed

But I'll make sure you're the first to know if it ever gets reversed


Chorus x2

Middle 8

When all is said and done, you're drifting off

I'm the second one you're thinking of

It's a weapon cutting, tearing me in two

I can't rescue you

I did all I could to be in your sights

I risked more than I should just to reach your heights

Now I'm falling, you've got somewhere else to be

You can't rescue me

I can't rescue you

You can't rescue me

Verse 1

Yeah, I am off to places, foreign lands that I have never seen before

And I don't know what will lie in store

I'd like to see the sights and sample all the local cuisines

That I have read about in magazines

At night I'll watch the stars that artists and philosophers admired

And hope that I will be, like them, inspired

And I will browse the shops along the beach for pretty souvenirs

Which I'll be bringing back to you, my dear


'Cause I'll be missing from your days and I'll be missing you​

And it pains me just to leave your comfort zone

But if I ever lost you, oh, my world would split in two

So I'm bringing sweets for my sweet and honey for my honey when I come back home

Verse 2

I​ hear that there's a festival of lights and colours so divine

And I'll take lots of pictures and post them online

And every day, the people in the streets will smile and wave and clap their hands

Accompanied by tunes from traditional bands

And every night, they'll gather round and dance in the centre of the town

As the colourful carnival kings and queen are crowned

And when I'm home, I'll teach you all the moves and we can pretend you were there

We'll be rubbish but we'll have fun beyond compare


Middle 8

Don't miss me too much, just keep aiming your love eastwards

If you get lonely, it's alright

I'll still be in touch; Facebook messages and tweets would be lovely

Plus you can phone me every night

You don't need anyone's permission, 'cause I'll be missing



I'm bringing sugar for my sugar,

Baby dolls for my baby doll,

Apples for the apple of my eye

I'm bringing sweets for my sweet and honey for my honey

Aren't I?

Verse 1

New front coming with the change of season

True love's running, there's no time to ease in

We start shunning any trace of reasoned doubt

Forecast's sunny, that's what I'm believing

Your heart's funny, it's the one with me in

I can tell now honey that we're gonna be in drought

21 weeks 'til the fog descended

Everyone speaks like they comprehend it

We were at our peaks, who'd have thought you would end it here

I haven't written the words to this part

I didn't know my concern stretched this far

And all I want now is for those thoughts to disappear

To depart here but the fog won't clear

Pre-chorus 1

If apologies were bullets, you were always firing blanks

Meteorology was foolish, prepared to sail, instead I sank

And now cloud-seeding missiles couldn't brighten up my day

And as you walk away, the bitterness inside me wants to say

I hope it rains

I hope it rains


I hope it rains and the steady ground on which you stand turns to rough terrain​

I hope it rains and you find yourself staring into the eye of the hurricane

And you'll remember I was your sunshine and you lost all you stood to gain

I hope it rains

Verse 2

Heed the warnings of the early morning weather reports​

Whether or not you know their context

'Cause when cumulonimbus clouds all gather, you will witness crowds

All scatter like they know what's coming next

Pre-Chorus 2

Break the silence and sound the sirens

I'm glad you say I can't stay

Because from what I've heard, a storm is on the way


Middle 8

Have you ever danced in a hailstorm?

It's one of the biggest thrills I've ever known

If conditions aren't right and it won't form

I am without sin, I'll cast the first stone

I hope it rains


Verse 3

Get ready for floods and get ready for thunder

And prepare yourself for temperatures in negative numbers

'Cause the winds are a-changing, this Indian summer

Will turn into a monsoon, hope you remembered your umbr-

ella; It's hell on earth, best be jealous of my elevation

I'm catching rays while your weather vane's under heavy rotation

And if you're thinking it's cloudy, here's some clarification

It's not the victory, it's the precipitation


Final chorus

I hope it rains and the steady ground on which you stand turns to rough terrain​

I hope it rains and you find yourself staring into the eye of the hurricane

And as the sunset leaves just darkness, then I hope that it will sustain

And I hope it reigns, and I hope it rains

I hope it rains

Verse 1

Best of five, we’ll make it quick unless it’s our last

Making a racket as we move across the hourglass

Dispositions fell and rose like a mood swing

 Love is nothing ‘cause it’s all that we start with

15 and 30 passed me by, I was bombarded

Evolution isn’t always a good thing


Verse 2

I was a dragon back when it was still my turn

I lost control, time took my legs, now I’m a wyvern

Remaining static wasn’t good, it got me hoodwinked

So to the stories I was told I can now empathise

‘Cause I was told that I was special, now I’m specialised

Evolution isn’t always a good thing


Pre-chorus 1

1, 2, 3 (4, 5, 6)

7, 8, 9 (10, 11, 12)

That repeats (and that’s what)

We call time


Chorus A

And we discover that there’s not that much of it so we try our best to stop it getting away


Verse 3

Do I call you ‘vous’ or are we still on ‘tu’ terms?

Madam President, we can’t be trading rude words

Think of the international scandal that this could bring

Because I know that you’ve been known to underrate me

And floccinaucinihilipilificate me

But maybe one day you might say we’ve got a good thing


Pre-chorus 2

(It starts), 10 (9, 8)

7, 6, 5 (4, 3, 2)

1 - It ends

And that’s what we call life


Chorus A

Chorus A x8

Verse 4

The cycle cycles round on smooth or bumpy ground

And though the wheels may shake, we keep on moving

And if we double fault, we lock it in the vault

To learn from our mistakes and keep improving


Chorus B

And if we fall apart, we’ll find a place to start

Again so we can make our evolutions

It may be undefined but if we underline

Our hopes then we can find a resolution

Verse 5

It's true that you forget the things that you collect

So much that you don't realise you're unrivalled

So they won’t overlook you when they close the book

Or when they save the changes to Untitled

Chorus B

Middle 8

And if you took the longest time

At least you crossed the finish line

And no one can take that from you

And if you don’t quite fit the structure that’s been laid out, well it fluctuates

And that’s no problem, you’ll still make it through


Verse 6 

So when the cycle cycles

It is quite alright to

think your situation’s very sticky (sphairistike)

But I’ve been here before

This territory’s explored

And I know you’ll get through this very quickly

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