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We moved in different circles like the second and the third electron
Always so negative, so what chance did we have of getting on?
And then you transformed and I was like "well what's this lecture on?
And then we fought a lot, I'm Autobot and you're Decepticon
I couldn't quite believe how this all happened right before my eyes
It's like the chemistry aggressively just left - we ionised
'Cause when euphoria and victory are hallmarks of the show
When there's a hint of me complaining then of course I have to go

I would like to dance with you if you could just stop stepping on my feet
You'll face the penalty and find yourself imprisoned in this beat
And on the track like how a sleeper car becomes a sleeper cell
And when I wake you up. I'll see if you're a keeper
You're not current, you're potential, so I only judge you when we're parallel
Am I electrified? I can't decide, so maybe time will tell
And when you crash land from this journey that was turbulent as hell
We'll take a trip to the emotional baggage carousel

I couldn't bear the tension when the pulling force was heavy on your breath
And so we found ourselves entangled in this grisly dance of death
And when we parted, let's just say you made a chaser of the chaste
I took a running start and stopped to think and let's face it:
You set the tone when you drew the triangle you drew
And I thought that I was finished but I'm three quarters through
It keeps repeating so you wouldn't think there's much that I can do
But I'm noticing a pattern and it starts with 1, 2...

That's all I remember but I still could have sworn that there was more
That's what you get when you live your whole life in 3/4

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