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Early 2024 releases: Bag Full Of Rocks & Sandy

Debut EP: Impulse Purchase (2019)

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Violet Gold

Sweets For My Sweet

Music Video

Filmed in June 2018 in Felixstowe

Editor & director: Eli Gumble

Cinematographer: Jessa Macasaet

The Gumble Bundle
All the songs I've worked on which have been released on online platforms

Credits for non-Eli Gumble songs

Antivenom - The Last Of Us (2014)

Lyrics; vocals on verse 2 and chorus

Snow Lion - The Last Of Us (2014)

Lyrics and vocals

Born To Win - The Last Of Us (2014)

Lyrics on verse 2, vocals on chorus and verse 2 and 4

Hip Hop Lifestyle - The Last Of Us (2015)

Lyrics and vocals on verse 4; narration

Ten Years - Daði Freyr (2021)

Part of crowdsourced choir

Scrap The Monarchy - Mix & Remix 16 - The Krown Jewelz feat. Eli Gumble (2023)

Lyrics and vocals on verses

"Violet Gold for Wen's Academy of Defence and Protection", 2018

For this short film, I composed and recorded the soundtrack and played the character Dr Scott Waverley

Throwback: "Figure 8" (Ellie Goulding cover, 2013)

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